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You Believe : You Don’t Believe

You believe having “more” is possible in your life!

You believe you are on the right path!

You believe the dreams and the visions you have are meant for you!

You believe the opportunity being presented is one that can afford a wonderful outcome!

You believe in having a beautiful, exquisite relationship!

You believe you can hit your next production goal!

You believe you can manifest anything!


You don’t believe.

You won’t allow the experience of your potential, because ultimately, you don’t believe in YOURSELF.

How do you know?

By the way you back your decisions, by your willingness to do whatever it takes.
HOW or even IF you take that next required step.

Hesitating to choose
Withdrawing or second-guessing your actions
Needing to consult another person
Taking time away to ponder or to map things out, prolonging the decision
… then you actually don’t trust yourself.

You don’t believe YOU will be guiding yourself to a good outcome.
All the other factors and the “what-ifs” hold more power, than you believing in you.

That you WILL be making the right choice.
That your efforts ARE leading you to your dream.
That you CAN handle what comes your way.
Here’s what is true!

You ARE the nucleus in every experience of your life.
You ARE the key component.
You ARE the driver of your business... to the relationships you your home environment... to the money you make.

A L L O F I T.

And so, how critical is it then that you are able to TRUST YOU?!

It is essential if you really DO want to have all the things you believe. ;)


you will not,


you cannot,


that which you believe


You do not believe in yourself.

So if you aren’t backing every decision, every action with a calmness and certainty, then lean into someone who has mastered this.

There is gold and flames and sparks here for you when you understand!!! :)

Trust me, this is the KEY, that has transformed my life.
And I only want the same for you.

When the pedal hits the metal, THIS is what creates the traction.

NOONE and NOTHING is going to make “it” happen.