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Extraordinary Love

You don't want him for Valentine's Day. His attention. The flowers. The presents. The dinner out. Just to be overlooked and politely ignored the morning after. Work. Hobbies. Friends. Work. More work. Business partners. Children. Dog. Work. Work. More work. He's suprised of your moody response. And quickly excuses himself to the next thing. He did his part. He took you out. So, it should be okey. But you don't want him for Valetine's Day. Or your birthday. Or for any other obligatory event. You don't want the occasinal special moments to mark your relationship, to make your life. What you want is to wake up every morning with a sparkle in your eyes and butterflys is your stomac, cause he wakes up next to you. Smiles at you. Pulls you closer and wispers "You are beautiful!". You wanna smile ear to ear, cause he comes home to you, on a random Tuesday, with flowers. "Bringing you flowers doesn't need a reason", he smiles before kissing your neck. You close your eyes and hold back tears - this is what you want. THIS. Not the special moments. You want every day, every moment of your relationship to be special. You want the ordinary to be extraordinary. You want your one and only magical love story. If you are ready to make it so, then Extraordinary LOVE will take you there. We start at Feb. 14th.


6 weeks in length.