Beneath the Surface

The Key to Connection & Fulfillment in your Relationship

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Even with the best intentions, or in a conscious relationship, it is common to be filled with emotions that disturb you because they aren’t in alignment with “that” beautifully, connected Love space we desire to have with a partner.

And at some point, there is struggle between what you voice in terms of those desires and how you feel you’re actually being met. This gap is the motivation then to figure out what’s wrong or how to fix the problem, and you spend so much time and energy applying tactics, going to counseling, or doing your own personal healing.

But what happens when the situation or emotion resurfaces (even in a new relationship)? You will feel confused, frustrated or even stuck. You will carry pain inside your heart, and wonder “what to do next!?”.

Erron Noel understands this place all too well. And her journey is the basis for the work she so enjoys with her audience because she knows HOW a person CAN turn their experience on a dime- even with what they never thought was possible.

She guides others in their transformation just as she experienced for herself.

In this workshop, she will be uncovering the TRUTH about what is at the root of the emotional pain you experience. This is the KEY to you having that deep connection with your partner AND for YOU to feel completely fulfilled & honored.
If you are done with the looping of same frustrations and situations DESPITE the work you have done to “heal”, “release” or “dealt with” it before, then this workshop is for you!

You are so worthy of having this! And it is now possible because you know the key.

And what a better time than now to grab this key as you and your partner reminisce about the level of love that you so desire to create in your relationship. This dream does not have to stay distant… that is, IF you choose to create it.
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Cost: $40


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